8 Best Cavity Back Irons in 2024

Are you on a quest for the perfect set of cavity back irons to improve your golfing experience? The right choice of irons can make all the difference in your performance, even if you are a beginner or a professional looking for an ideal mix of forgiveness and control.

However, with tons of different types of golf clubs, it can be quite a challenge to find the best cavity back irons.

What is a Cavity Back Iron?

A cavity back iron is a type of golf club that features a drilled-out cavity behind the club face. It helps the engineers in increasing perimeter weighting. Additionally, it consists of an oversized sole and a top line to instill confidence in higher and mid-handicap players.

Cavity back irons are versatile and innovative clubs designed to cater to golfers of all levels. To find the best cavity back iron, check for consistent off-center hit performance, forgiveness, distance, and playability. Moreover, it can be challenging to make this decision, so allow me to give you a list of the best cavity back irons and what makes them the best.

Best Cavity Back Irons Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Wilson Dynapower Men’s Golf Iron
  • Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎‎48 x 5 x 5 inches
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Taylormade Golf Stealth Iron Set
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Shaft Material: ‎Carbon Steel
  • Item Dimensions: 45 x 5 x 5 inches
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Iron Set
  • Material: Steel
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎5 x 5 x 44 inches
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Top Pick Top Pick Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Individual Iron
  • Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎38 x 6 x 6 inches
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Most Durable Most Durable XXIO 12 Iron Set
  • Material: Iron
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎48 x 5 x 5 inches
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron
  • Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎38.5 x 4 x 1.1 inches
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Cobra F-Max Airspeed Combo Iron Set
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Item Package Dimensions L x W x H: ‎43.8 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches
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Best Seller Best Seller Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Iron set
  • Material: Steel
  • Shaft Material: GraAlloy Steelphite
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH : ‎40 x 4 x 4 inches
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Best Cavity Back Irons In-depth Review

Best Cavity Back Irons Review
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1. Wilson Dynapower Men’s Golf Iron


  • Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Golf Club Loft: 21 Degrees
  • Weight: 6 lbs.

Wilson Dynapower men’s golf iron set includes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, pitching wedge, and gap wedge to suit golfers of various skill levels from beginners to intermediate level.

Moreover, it offers graphite and steel shaft options with regular, senior, or stiff flex options. This makes it a versatile club, allowing the golfers to fine-tune it to match unique swing characteristics.

This club incorporates Dynapower AI technology to optimize face thickness and weight, ensuring maximum ball speed across the clubface, particularly the center and toe.

Similarly, it has a high MOI head design, best for forgiveness on off-center hits. It allows low center gravity, promoting higher launch trajectories and steeper descent angles, a crucial feature for many golfers.

The Dynapower irons prioritize distance and control with their advanced design elements. Its optimized weighting and variable face thickness offer longer shots without compromising the controls. Likewise, those golfers who are looking to elevate their gaming experience know how important it is to have a balance between distance and precision.

Additionally, these irons have a pleasing feel at impact with their perfectly balanced player-inspired head shape, optimal offset, good top line, and smooth hosel. This design makes the club powerful and aesthetically pleasing to boost the golfer’s confidence in every way possible.

What I Like?

  • Promotes a higher launch
  • Ideal for mid and high-handicappers
  • Consistent ball speed across all shots

What I Don’t Like?

  • Doesn’t include a sand wedge

Why I Recommended Wilson Dynapower Golf Iron

Overall, the Wilson Dynapower Men’s Golf Iron is a versatile club, incorporating forgiveness and distance with a player-inspired design and cutting-edge technology. I am a mid-handicapper, and it works great for me with its great distance and excellent improvement irons. So, you must try this one if you are looking for the best cavity back irons.

2. Taylormade Golf Stealth Iron Set


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs.

Taylormade golf stealth iron sets are gaining popularity for all the good reasons: among golfers with higher handicaps and faster swing speeds.

Its configuration ranges from five iron to pitching and attack wedge, offering versatility for various shot distances. So, it is suitable for golfers with higher handicaps or beginners trying to improve their game.

Both stiff and regular flex options with carbon steel shafts are available to golfers and offer choices tailored to their swing style and preferences. Similarly, everyday golfers love this iron set due to its overall best performance in all the essential categories. Taylormade is a well-known and well-trusted brand in golf and is recognized for its innovative design and performance-enhancing technology.

If you are looking for consistency and accuracy, this iron set has got you covered with a Cap Back Design and toe wrap construction. It increases the sweet spot’s positioning for high ball speed and steady performance, especially on common impact points. Therefore, it boosts forgiveness and is perfect for players with higher handicaps.

With its forged iron feel, this iron set allows a smoother and more comfortable swing with the ECHO Damping System, which runs from heel to toe. Moreover, it helps absorb unnecessary vibrations, enhances the feel, and maximizes the flexibility of the clubface. Similarly, ultra-strong carbon material within the toe wrap maintains structural integrity and offers a fantastic sound at impact, giving a satisfying auditory experience.

Furthermore, the club’s mass distribution feature is phenomenal as its weight is taken from the toe and placed in the sole, resulting in a lower center of gravity. It maximizes the launch angle, peak height, and stopping power, thus giving a towering ball flight and long carry distances. Moreover, the high penetrating ball flight results from a fluted hosel, 360° undercut, and an ultra-thin face.

What I Like?

  • Impressive ball speed and distance
  • Excellent sound at impact
  • High-penetrating ball flight

What I Don’t Like?

  • Extra big gaps between irons

Why I Recommended Taylormade Golf Stealth Iron Set

In essence, this golf stealth iron set is the best cavity back iron of all time for high handicappers with its exceptional ball speed and distance. Similarly, I upgraded from my starter set to this one, and it worked well for me. So, if you are a beginner looking for a high-quality tech-integrated iron set that is not highly forgiving, this one is for you.

3. Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Iron Set


  • Material: Steel
  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Golf Club Loft: 20 Degrees
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Finding the right balance between performance, forgiveness, and affordability in an iron set can be difficult.

However, the Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX iron set is an affordable choice with half the price of its competitor clubs. Moreover, it is the best option for entry-level high handicappers.

This iron set offers clubheads with deep cavity grooves and provides consistent spin rates. Similarly, it gives the golfer pinpoint control and forgiveness with its cavity back short irons and hollow long irons, respectively. Moreover, it all comes together to make one iron set.

With its custom grip, this iron set provides mid to high launch and is engineered to allow golfers to airborne the ball easily. Furthermore, these are lightweight to facilitate faster swings, and the golfer can easily and confidently launch the ball. Moreover, its tour zip grooves and laser milling provide maximum spin for optimal control.

This iron set is designed to enhance distance precision even on missed-hits. Moreover, it is a beginner-friendly club and is perfect for those looking to hit consistent shots without spending too much money. It features a V-shaped sole in the cavity back and hollow designs to improve the turf interaction, which helps in better speed retention at impact.

What I Like?

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easier mid-to-high launch
  • Lightweight facilitates faster swings

What I Don’t Like?

  • Doesn’t incorporate a forged iron feel

Why I Recommended Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX Iron Set

In short, the Cleveland Golf Launcher UHX iron set is a budget-friendly club for players with higher handicaps. I bought it a while ago, and I am pretty satisfied with my choice because it is forgiving in the swing and easy to hit, especially on the toes. So, I would recommend this set to those of you looking for a suitable good cavity back iron set in an affordable range.

4. Callaway Golf Apex DCB Iron


  • Material: Graphite
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Golf Club Loft: 0.15 lbs.

Callaway Golf Apex DCB Individual iron is a perfect blend of premium performance and forgiveness, designed to suit a variety of golfers.

Moreover, it is a two-in-one ride as you get to have the look, feel, and performance of a forged players club along with the forgiveness of a deep cavity back. Likewise, golfers of all levels can use this iron regardless of their lower or higher handicap.

This club is one of the most forgiving individual iron options, which is a result of the deep cavity back design and an enhanced sole width. Similarly, these two features work together for easy launch and solid turf interaction. Likewise, it results in increased forgiveness, which makes it a good option for golfers looking for consistency.

Another unique feature of the Apex DCB is its exquisite design and feel; made from forged 1025 mild carbon steel, it offers both aesthetics and functionality. It has a satisfying sound and feel at impact because of the inclusion of urethane microspheres. Therefore, the sound and feel of these clubs can be satisfying and enjoyable during the game, regardless of how you are playing it.

The extended sweet spot of this iron is skillfully designed to help make the shot’s launching process easier. Furthermore, it also makes the longer distance more attainable, even with off-center hits. The newer versions of the Apex DCB incorporate AI Integration and enhance speed and spin, allowing longer distances and improved control.

What I Like?

  • Magnificent design
  • Easier launch shots
  • Enhanced accuracy for all levels

What I Don’t Like?

  • Comparatively costly

Why I Recommended Callaway Golf Apex DCB Iron

In short, the Apex DCB individual iron is a unique club with impressive AI Integration and an extended sweet spot. Personally, the magnificent design impressed me so much, and I get compliments on how classy it is, and the sound and feel of impact are like music to my ears. However, you will want forged iron for the feel and looks, but it can be quite expensive.

5. XXIO Women 12 Iron Set


  • Material: Iron
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Golf Club Loft: 30 Degrees
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Golf Putter Lie Angle: 62.5

XXIO is well-known for its fast, premium, and long golf clubs. The 12 series is also like their previous products and is meticulously crafted to create rapid clubhead speed on the downswing.

Moreover, it is perfect for mid-handicapped ladies due to its lightweight.

The ingenious design of XXIO’s 12 series irons is made from lightweight materials, making it accessible to ladies looking for swing speed and power. The weight is placed strategically under the golf grip for precise control during downswing, maintaining consistent and optimal energy transfer into each shot.

Furthermore, the lightweight construction and strategic weight distribution improve the club’s overall performance, giving an ultimate golfing experience. This iron set features a Rebound Frame and integrates it with its titanium face, which gives it exceptional flexibility and explosive velocity. This results in impressive ball speed, which shows in the form of considerable distance gains.

Moreover, it is made with a tungsten nickel weight in the toe of the irons, bolstering the moment of inertia and stability. This iron set includes CG design, thoughtfully customized, and optimized performance by placing it low and deep to encourage high launches and remarkable carry distances.

On the other hand, the mass is raised in the short irons to produce a controlled lower ball flight, which is crucial for pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, with this iron, you experience exceptional shot-stopping power on approach shots, with its grooves adapting deeper and sharper profile as the lofts weaken.

Additionally, this golf iron commences with a 22-degree five iron and ends with a 42-degree pitching wedge. Moreover, each club is designed skillfully with specifications including loft, length, lie, and swing weight, resulting in an optimal balance between distance and control.

What I Like?

  • Effortless generation of clubhead speed
  • Enhanced forgiveness
  • Increased spin in the short irons
  • Optimal launch with progressive CG

What I Don’t Like?

  • Balloon strikes with a higher swing speed

Why I Recommended XXIO Iron Set

Overall, the XXIO 12 series is an excellent option for mid-handicappers aspiring to improve their performance on the golf course. As a mid-handicap woman, it has everything I want from a cavity back iron set; its enhanced distance, forgiveness, and spin control make it worth my investment. So, consider this option if it suits your needs.

6. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron


  • Material: Graphite
  • Golf Club Loft: 29 Degrees
  • Weight: 0.9 lbs.

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron incorporates the industry-leading Flash Face Cup design using artificial intelligence. Moreover, this technology gives you high ball speed and increased spin robustness with a classy and unique face architecture.

Its 369 Face cup enhances the ball speed, flexes, and releases at impact, so it is best for golfers looking to maximize distance and control.

The legendary Big Bertha shaping comes with an improved turf interaction and increases the golfer’s confidence. Its significantly wider sole provides stability and ease of launch; likewise, more offset is added into its head for lower spin, straighter flight, and easy launch. These elements enhance overall accuracy and shot performance collectively.

Another key feature of Big Bertha is its precision, achieved by incorporating custom tungsten weightings. With the addition of custom tungsten, the iron’s center of gravity is dependent on each iron with extraordinary precision. Furthermore, the CG is skillfully manipulated while still maintaining optimal ball speed, which is a valuable feature for golfers in need of consistent performance.

This iron features urethane microspheres, which are crucial in providing an exceptional feel. Moreover, these microspheres absorb the unwanted vibrations effectively and offer a smoother experience to the golfer. Similarly, the fast ball speed for added distance control is still maintained even after adding the exceptional feel.

Additionally, its thin topline combined with the forged face provides an exotic look and outstanding playability. Similarly, the flash face cup technology enhances forgiveness and accuracy, giving the golfers maximum control over their shots. All of this results in an iron that looks and feels great.

What I Like?

  • Great look and feel
  • Offers maximum control over shots
  • Extraordinary precision

What I Don’t Like?

  • Bulky head look

Why I Recommended Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron

In essence, the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron combines precision and control, giving the golfers confidence to master their shots. I bought it after my friend’s suggestion, who uses a four iron, and I love every bit of it; it looks good and is very comfortable to use. So, buy this iron and take advantage of its unique features.

7. Cobra F-Max Airspeed Combo Iron Set


  • Shaft Material: Steel
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Golf Club Loft: 50 Degrees

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed Combo iron set incorporates a deep cavity back design, which enables its engineers a precise weight distribution at the club’s perimeter and lower regions. It stabilizes the off-center hits and increases forgiveness and control.

Furthermore, its offset design turns over the club, resulting in straighter shots, thus helping golfers who struggle with slices or fades.

This iron set has attained outstanding lightness with its lightweight shafts. Furthermore, this technology makes the club easier to swing and increases the clubhead speed, which results in longer distances.

One of the most unique features of this shaft is its raw, unpainted shafts, making it five grams lighter than a standard shaft. It offers a different look and generates speed and distance without compromising club stability.

The Cobra F-Max Airspeed includes a progressive hosel length and offset design, which optimizes weight distribution for a low center of gravity. This unique placement ensures forgiveness and control.

Furthermore, it offers variable CG placement; longer irons have a low CG for high ball launch, mid-irons feature a mid-face CG of a balanced trajectory, and wedges have a high CG for controlled lower ball flights.

What I Like?

  • 5 grams lighter than standard iron
  • Variable CG placement
  • Deep cavity back design

What I Don’t Like?

  • Not for low handicappers

Why I Recommended Cobra F-Max Airspeed Iron Set

Overall, the Cobra F-Max Airspeed Combo iron set is a decent option. I love its deep cavity back design and the raw, unpainted shafts that make it ultra-lightweight. So, the high handicappers should consider this affordable choice.

8. Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Iron set


  • Material: Steel
  • Shaft Material: GraAlloy Steelphite
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 40 x 4 x 4 inches

Mizuno has fine-tuned the head geometry of its JPX 923 hot metal pro irons to promote an exceptional impact feel and feedback.

Furthermore, this technology offers a satisfactory and responsive sensation at contact. Moreover, a low-handicap senior golfer will love this iron set due to its low CG built to increase the golfer’s apex.

This iron includes a seamless cup face with thinned areas revolving 360 degrees around the perimeter. Likewise, it helps in increasing the ball speed and the rebound area. Furthermore, an innovative 4335 Nickel chromoly is applied on this iron set, and its thin structure is vital for producing lightning ball zip.

For enhanced ball speed and distance, Mizuno has incorporated the CORTECH design. It is maximized by optimizing the distribution of face thickness. Furthermore, to improve the trampoline effect, these irons include variable sole thickness, which increases the complete face flex area.

Additionally, it incorporates acoustic sound ribs to dial in specific vibration patterns precisely. Moreover, it improves the club’s overall feel by contributing to a solid and explosive impact sound. Similarly, the V-classic design is also responsible for the stability and preserving pace and spin resolution.

What I Like?

  • Solid feel for low handicappers
  • Launches high
  • Extremely fast clubface

What I Don’t Like?

  • Comparatively expensive

Why I Recommended Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Iron set

In short, the Mizuno JPX923 hot metal pro iron set is the best muscle back iron for lower handicap golfers. I bought it for my husband, who is quite a seasoned golf player, and he is addicted to it due to its features like lightning-fast clubface and how it launches high then descends sharply for a soft landing. So, if you are a low handicapper, you found your best iron match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any pro golfers use cavity back irons?

Many professional golfers use cavity back irons. This design club is lighter and easier to swing and helps redirect more of the club’s energy towards the ball, which allows them to produce longer and straighter shots. Additionally, according to Golf Magazine, around 44% play cavity back irons, which is a significant amount.

What is the difference between forged and cavity back irons?

The fundamental difference between forged and cavity-back iron is in their construction. Forged irons are made from a single piece of metal, which offers a solid and dense feel at impact. On the other hand, cavity back irons have a hollow hole in the back, which allows weight redistribution to the perimeter for maximum forgiveness.

Final Verdict about Cavity Back Irons Review

This is it for the best cavity back irons. The cavity-back design, perimeter weighting, maximum forgiveness, additional distance, playability, and feel and sound are some of the factors that make a club the best cavity-back iron.

Furthermore, this blog is a collection of the eight best cavity back irons, and here is the summary;

  • Taylormade Golf Stealth Iron Set, for its ultra-low CG, fast forgiving face, and suitability with higher handicappers.
  • XXIO 12 Iron Set for its ultimate precision and control, lightweight, and suitability with mid-handicapper ladies.
  • Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Iron Set for its CORTECH design, acoustic ribs, and suitability with low-handicappers.

Additionally, you can read the list of eight best cavity back irons with their features explained descriptively. So, do a little research and find out which product suits your needs before purchasing it.

Reminder: We may receive commissions for purchases you make by clicking our links. However, this doesn’t make our reviews and comparisons biased. We make sure to keep reviews fair and balanced, in order to help you make the right and best choice.

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