Golf Club Distance Chart For Seniors: Men vs Women By Age

Golf is loved by many people, especially the old ones, and they play golf for hours to enjoy and have fun. Where many people show no concern about how far they can hit a shot, some want to be better than average golfers. If you are also one of those and want to know the golf club distance chart for seniors, this article is for you.

If golf is more than just a hobby for you and you want to be the best player in your age group, read ahead. This article will enlighten you about how far your golf ball should land according to your age, and you can make improvements if needed. So all my senior golfers, are you ready to discover golf club distance for seniors with us? Let’s get started.

Golf Club Distance Chart For Seniors – Detailed Guide

Golf Club Distance Chart For Seniors
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Even if you play golf for years, age drastically changes your game. And in such a situation, a player should know how far they should be hitting the golf ball to be among the best and most skilled players on average.

The distance your golf ball will be covering depends on the swing speed. This doesn’t mean that you hit the ball with full force because it might cause you physical pain. So don’t be hard on yourself, and just follow our golf club swing speed guide and shared golf club distance chart for seniors and enjoy golf to the fullest.

Golf Club Distance for 50-59 Year Golfers

I go golfing with my parents on weekends. They both enjoy golf, but as my mum hit 52 years, her shots were not as powerful as they used to be, and it bothered her.

Upon researching, I came to know that for 50-59-year-old women, the average swing speed of the driver is 70 mph which will easily cover up to 180 yards, and for men, it is about 90 mph and covers 230 yards. I shared the information with her and instantly got relieved because she started questioning her golf skills.

An average distance chart helps seniors enjoy the game more than focusing on hitting the ball to the farthest. Moreover, this distance varies with the type of club set the players are using. So to make this easier for all the senior golfers, I am sharing a table with all the information on average golf club distances for seniors (50-59 years men and women), along with the club type.

Golf ClubDistance in Yards for MenDistance in Yards for Women
Wood Club Set185-219145-150
3 Hybrid Club Set180140
Iron Club Set120-15590-120
Pitching Wedge11085

Golf Club Distance for 60-69 Year Golfers

Age seriously impacts your golfing skills, especially if you are in your 60s, but golf is all about the golf club’s swing speed. For men of this age, the average swing speed is 80 mph, and for ladies, it is approximately 60-70 mph. Here is the golf club distance chart for 60-69 years old.

Golf ClubDistance in Yards for MenDistance in Yards for Women
Wood Club Set175-195125-130
3 Hybrid Club Set165120
Iron Club Set105-15580-105
Pitching Wedge10075

People of this age group can not swing the club with the speed a youngster can; therefore, even if your swing speed is between 60-80 mph, your golf ball can cover a decent distance.

Keep in mind the shot distance decreases with age. As far as your shots are according to the chart, you can consider yourself a good player.

Golf Club Distance for 70-79 Year Old Senior Golfers

Golf has no age limit; for older adults, it is a great way to kill time, make new friends, and have a good time. My grandpa loves golf but can not hit the ball with the force I can, so it is difficult for me to make him understand that he is a good player.

I did some research and convinced him that instead of considering me as his competitor; he should focus on his improvement. The swing speed of 70-79-year-old golfers should be up to 70 mph and 55 mph for men and women, respectively.

Here is the golf club distance chart for people of my grandpa’s age.

Golf ClubDistance in Yards for MenDistance in Yards for Women
Wood Club Set145-150120-125
3 Hybrid Club Set140115
Iron Club Set90-12075-100
Pitching Wedge8570

Golf Club Distance Chart for 80+ Seniors

Are you 80+ and still have the stamina and love for golf but not satisfied with your performance? Well, your performance declines with age; it’s not something you should be worried about.

On average, the swing speed of 80+ golfers should be up to 50 mph and 45 mph for men and women, respectively.

Golf ClubDistance in Yards for MenDistance in Yards for Women
Wood Club Set125-130105-115
3 Hybrid Club Set120100
Iron Club Set80-10560-90
Pitching Wedge7555

Tips for Seniors to Improve Short Yardage

Tips for Seniors to Improve Short Yardage

If your shots are according to your age fellows’ average golf club distance, it’s a good sign. However, the golf club distance may vary from individual to individual, and not every senior golfer can achieve average distance on most of the shots.

If you want to shoot your golf ball to the estimated distance or improve your golf club distance, here are a few things you can try.

1. Use Proper Golf Equipment for Seniors

Golf equipment is as important as your skills. If you want to excel and improve your performance, going into the golf club with proper equipment is very important.

You should only use golf clubs for seniors; plenty of options are available in the market. Therefore, if you want to beat the average golf club distance for seniors, playing with the right golf club is key.

2. Grip and Posture

Our grip and posture get affected as we age, and most players don’t pay much attention to these during a physical fitness routine. So if your golf club distance is falling behind, focusing on improving your grip and posture will do wonders for you.

A good grip on a golf club will help you transfer precise strength and control to the ball. Furthermore, if you maintain the right golf posture, i.e, standing straight and bending from the waist, then throwing your golf ball to a distance equal to or crosses the estimated golf club distance chart will be a piece of cake for you.

3. Improve Swing Speed

Swing speed is important in letting the players achieve an estimated distance on every shot. If you are facing the issue of short yardage, then you need to work on your swing speed.

As your swing speed improves, your game will take a tremendous turn and help you strike as far as your skillful age fellows.

Final Verdict

Golf is an amazing sport, especially for seniors, but regular golfers may get disappointed as their shot’s distance range decreases with age. Nevertheless, golf club distance is something a senior golfer should not be worried about as long as their technique and equipment are right.

On average senior golfers’ golf club distance is different from youngsters. To help senior golfers keep a check on their performance and improvement, we shared golf club type and distance charts with ages in this article. I hope you find it useful.

Seniors FAQs about Golf Club Distance

How far should an 80 year old hit a golf ball?

An 80 year old woman who hits the ball with a 50 mph swing should be able to cover 135 yards with the driver.

How far should a 70 year old man hit his golf clubs?

Distance varies with the type of club a 70 years old man uses to play golf. On average, a 70-year-old man can easily cover a distance of 180, 150, 145, and 140 yards with his driver, 3 wood clubs, 5 wood clubs, and 3 Hybrid clubs, respectively.

What is the average golf drive for a 75 year old man?

The average golf drive for a 75-year-old man is above 180 yards if he swings his club at 55 mph speed.

How can a senior golfer get more distance?

Golf is not just about skills; many factors affect your gameplay as you age. Therefore, senior golfers should have proper golf equipment for seniors, maintain a good posture, have a firm grip on the golf club, and swing swiftly to get more distance.

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