58 vs 60 Degree Wedge: Which is more better?

Wedges are the form of clubs that are used for accurate shorts at shorter distances while playing golf. You have to make sure that the wedges you have in your golf bag are the one that makes your game more productive and helps you with your scoring.

Although most professional golf players have 58-degree wedges in their bags, which one should you pick? Whether the 58-degree wedge is adequate for you, or the 60-degree will serve the purpose you want?

We will put light on this to make it easier for you to understand between 58 vs. 60-degree wedges: which is better? Let us, without wasting any more time, start with the guide below.

58 vs 60 Degree Wedge: Which is more better?

58 vs 60 Degree Wedge
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The guide tells you everything about the 58 vs 60 degree wedge so you can conclude which one is better for you according to the demand of your game. As a general rule, it is said that a 58-degree wedge gives an easier time to golf players when it comes to hitting than a 60-degree wedge.

This is because the 58-degree wedge offers more forgiveness, more consistency, and better distance control as compared to the 60-degree wedge. Let us precisely focus on which wedge you should opt for and for what purpose by looking at their uses below.

What is a 58 degree wedge used for?

A 58-degree wedge is called a lob wedge. It is basically used for throwing the ball high up in the air. When it comes to golfers, most golfers consider a 58-degree wedge the highest lofted club that they should ever use.

Always keep in mind that club bounce is 10 degrees at least. Higher bounce definitely stops the golf club from digging into dirt or sand. This is another reason why it is preferred when you have to play golf in the sandy area.

Moreover, using a 58-degree wedge is ideal in case you are in a deep bunker, or you have to hit the ball at a comparatively shorter distance. So, if you are looking for some new wedges, you should opt for a 58-degree wedge if you have to use it on the sand.

What is a 60 degree wedge used for?

A 60-degree wedge is called a lob wedge and is one of the highly preferable wedges when you have to hit the ball high up in the air and have to make such a short so that the ball lands safely on the green. For example, if you want to hit the ball over water or sand and want it to stop as soon as it touches the green, opting for a 60-degree wedge would be ideal for you.

Furthermore, it is not only ideal for launching the ball high and landing it softly but is also considered one of the best golf wedges that are used for hitting half-swing shorts. Adding to it, if you want to make consistent shorts and are looking for the golf edge to support you in that, then you should opt for a 60-degree wedge.

This is because a 60-degree wedge makes it easier for the golf player to hit consistently. Furthermore, if you are in a tall bunker and you have to hit the ball as high as possible, using a 60-degree wedge would be a perfect choice for you.

FAQs about 58 and 60 Degree Wedge

How far does a 60 degree wedge go?

There is no doubt that a 60-degree wedge can definitely improve your loft and distance, but on average, A 60-degree wedge can make a short between somewhere around 90 yards to 130 yards. But these measurements are for professionals, and when it comes to beginners, they can hit only between 30 yards and 80 yards with a 60-degree wedge.

What is a 58 degree wedge?

A 58-degree wedge is neither a lob wedge nor a sand wedge. It is somewhere in between both of these types of wedges and because of the presence of a higher loft, a 58-degree wedge is used for hitting the ball high up in the air.

What is a 60 degree wedge called?

A 60-degree wedge is typically called a lob wedge. It might be because it has a lob of 60° to 64 degrees. The name lob is given because this lob wedge, also known as a 60-degree wedge, is mainly used for lobbing the ball high into the air and from where it directly hits the green with almost no rolling.

How far can you hit a 58 degree wedge?

Calculations say that, on average, most golf players can hit at 80 yards with their 58-degree wedge. But one thing that you must have to keep in mind is that this range may vary between 50 to 105 yards. Those golf players who take a full swing while making a short hit at higher numbers are compared to those who do not create a full swing.

Concluding 58 vs 60 Degree Wedge Comparison

Hopefully, you have gone through the article mentioned above that tells you everything about 60-degree and 58 degrees wedges and where they are used. The guide elaborates everything in detail so you can understand what type of wedge is for what purpose and what is the usage of a particular type of wedge.

Make sure to pay attention to the details mentioned above so you do not miss anything essential and can opt for the right product as quickly as possible.

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