Are PXG Golf Clubs Good for Seniors in 2023?

Are PXG golf clubs good for seniors? This is the most asked question by people who are planning to resume their golf career or want to start it entirely. And the quick answer to this question would be yes, as long as you know what the right model of iron, driver, or putter for you is right.

Are PXG Golf Clubs Good for Seniors
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The good news is that it is pretty easy to find the right match for your specific skill set. If you are confused and don’t know where to start, don’t worry and give it a quick read.

About the Quality Standards of PXG

Parson Xtreme Golf, or PXG, was founded by Bob Parson in September 2013. He is a business tycoon and philanthropist who originally got recognized by his successful business venture GoDaddy. Currently, he owns multiple brands, including YAM and other real-estate marketing businesses.

Now, coming back to PXG, despite it being a new brand, it got recognized in the golf world partly because of the quality of the equipment. He partnered with the two finest golf players and developed the equipment based on the skill and demands of different players, including young golfers, low handicappers, seniors, high handicappers, and medium handicappers. Also read a guide about PXG clubs for high handicappers.

PXG is known for its handy and compact clubs that can easily fit within a bag. They have a research wing in Scottsdale, Arizona, where all of the designs are planned and developed. After this stage, their manufacturing plant is currently based in Asia, where all the golf clubs are created.

Typically, PXG creates its clubs in two ways, either by casting or forging. Forging involves using solid materials to create clubs under heat and compression. The clubs designed by forging have thin walls that help you with better performance and feedback. These clubs generally work best for low handicappers and may not be as forgiving as the other ones.

On the contrary, the more expensive option from the brand is the clubs manufactured by molding or casting. This process involves designing a mold and filling it with a ceramic mold to get the desired shape. After this, the engineers melt the iron and fill it with cast iron. This technique is commonly used for fairways, drivers, and hybrid clubs from PXG.

Are PXG Golf Clubs Good for Seniors?

Yes, PXG golf clubs are great for seniors, partly because they have an optimized design for control, accuracy, and stability. Most of the drivers and irons from the brand have a lightweight and larger clubface that helps seniors with agility and forgiveness, something they lack as compared to young players.

Golf clubs from PXG also come with adjustable line angles and weights that allow you to customize the clubs according to your needs. Hence, getting the required distance, speed, and accuracy is pretty easy with these clubs. So, let’s summarize why PXG golf clubs are good for seniors.

  • This is because the brand comes with lightweight golf clubs.
  • These clubs are easy to control and swing better than usual.
  • The material used for these clubs is high-quality and offers expert craftsmanship.
  • They have a large clubface and a softer yet durable shaft.
  • The clubs from PXG have a wide variety of customizations for you to adjust them according to your playing style.

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What is the Ideal Weight of PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors?

Well, it all comes down to what feels comfortable to you. The basic rule for seniors is to get a lightweight PXG golf club. This is because they may not have the similar power and strength as the younger golfers. Hence, the lighter clubs are easier to handle and generate more speed, even with half the power and strength a standard club will require.

That being said, your club shouldn’t be too light, as it can become difficult to control, and the ball may get a little too far. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you must find a balance between the two. And there is no better way to test the weight than to examine it physically.

You need to consult your professional fitter or coach and try it out with your friends on the field. Have a look at list of best golf clubs for seniors.

How Much is a Full Set of PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors Cost?

Given that it is a high-end brand, you must expect to spend a large sum on a club set from PXG. On average, it can easily cost you between $1500 and $7000. This figure is without golf clubs fitting cost, and do consider that you will have to get it fitted from the market.

Moreover, the cost of the sets also depends on the model you are going for. Some of them are pricier, while others are standard and don’t cost much. If you are a senior, you may want to spend on adjustments that may add a hundred or two dollars to the initial investment.

What Makes the Best PXG Golf Club for Seniors?

While there is no formula for you to get the best golf club, there are always some basic tips and tricks that can help you in finding a perfect match. If you are above 55 and planning to give golf a shot yet don’t know which PXG club will work for you, do consider some of these factors:

Features That Makes the PXG Golf Club Best for Seniors
Features That Makes the PXG Golf Club Best for Seniors


For seniors, the most important aspect of the game is to generate power and forgiveness. And the good news is that PXG has a number of golf clubs that offer high forgiveness, making it easy to hit the ball harder than usual, with less power needed.

So, while buying one from PXG, what design perfectly suits the forgiveness? Well, I would say the senior-optimized clubs from the brand have a large face and a softer shaft. This helps seniors with accuracy and range. Here, modes like XTD 860 and PXG X-Force are best.


The next most important thing that matters when choosing a golf club for seniors is its grip. Here, you need to look for a medium grip, as it is stable and offers better control. The problem with the other two grips is that the large grips require more power, whereas the mini grip is for smaller hands or younger players.

PXG has a variety of medium-grip golf club options for seniors. These include the PXG 0311 XF Gen 2 and PXG 0211 driver. Do consider that these two are expensive options, and you may not be able to find a low-budget medium grip club from PXG. Also read a comparison of driver grip vs iron grip.


A club with a softer shaft is a perfect choice for senior golfers, partly because it offers stability and power. And the good thing about PXG clubs is that the majority of them are specially designed with a softer shaft.

So, all you need to do is try them out and check whether they work for you. Make sure they have a relatively larger head to keep the ball on the ground. Also read about golf reshafting cost.

The best way to check whether iron or a driver will work for you is through practice trials. You have to use them in different casual matches with friends and see if they feel uncomfortable or you feel fatigued after a match. If this is the case, there is some problem, and you may need to test out another one.

What are some Best PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors?

Now that you have a clear idea of what to look for while buying a set of golf clubs as a senior, I hope you can find a pretty good match. That being said, if you are confused and need some sort of help, it is understandable.

Here are some helpful suggestions you may want to get for your game.

Best PXG Iron for Golfers Above 55 Years of Age

The 0311 XF Gen 2 is definitely one of the best from PXG when it comes to seniors. This is because they have a large, forgiving design with a wide center that improves the gravity and helps players with a high launching angle and pretty decent distance.

The manufacturers have used COR2 technology that integrates a soft shaft and a large club head, providing seniors with better accuracy and far reach. The clubs from this series are designed with high-quality material that adds to their lifespan and durability score.

It looks equally appealing with its elongated design that immediately makes you feel like you are in there for a serious game. Not only this, the fact that they are reasonable for the price makes them a great choice for day-to-day tournaments.

Best PXG Drivers for Golfers Above 55 Years of Age

Secondly, when it comes to the drivers, you can not find something better than the PXG 0211 driver. Part of the reason is its forgiving design, which is all a senior golfer demands on the field. It has a wide sweet spot and is lightweight, making it easy to handle. Even if you manage to miss the sweet spot, there was no issue with accuracy.

Speaking of the design, this driver has more of a minimalist yet stylish design. Yet, you can feel the length and medium grip just by holding it in your hand. That said, it doesn’t feel overwhelming to handle and is pretty easy to control and throw the ball to a far distance. The best part was the adjustable weights, having the potential to reduce slices and hooks.

Best PXG Putters for Golfers Above 55 Years of Age

Last but not least, when we talk about the best putter from PXG for seniors, I would say the PXG Battle Ready takes all the credit. This is because it has an easy-to-handle grip and a lighter design that works best for senior golfers who do not possess the same kind of strength a young golfer would have.

This putter is made up of stainless steel and a PVD finish. This looks sleek and has a black satin finish that immediately attracts your attention. The manufacturers have also given it a double-bend shaft and a balanced (medium-sized) face that immediately adds to the security of the grip and makes the player confident. You will also get a heel with the shaft for extra comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which PXG golf club is best for people over 55 years of age?

PXG steel irons are great for senior golfers who do not have enough power to handle heavy clubs. Yet, they are equally firm, precise, and forgiving in their designs. Unlike traditional irons, they have elongated designs and wide sweet spots that help seniors with better distance and forgiveness.

Are PXG golf clubs good for seniors?

PXG golf clubs are a great idea for seniors who want to improve their game. This is because most of their clubs are designed by casting. This simply means that the clubs are lightweight and easy to swing, so as a senior, you don’t have to spend as much power or strength in a shot as you would otherwise do. They also have a number of weight adjustments.

Where to find PXG senior golf club sets for sale?

It is always better to buy your PXG golf club sets from retail shops like Amazon or eBay. They will mostly have their sales up. Or you can also find it from golf retailers like Costco and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Wherever you buy the golf club from, make sure to check the reviews and specifications before ordering.

Final Thoughts about PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors

Wondering whether PXG golf clubs are good for seniors? Well, they are. But the condition is to find the right one. How do you do this? By narrowing down your criteria and tracking possible options from the brand. I hope this guide has helped you in figuring out which golf club from PXG will work best for you as a senior golfer.

Reminder: We may receive commissions for purchases you make by clicking our links. However, this doesn’t make our reviews and comparisons biased. We make sure to keep reviews fair and balanced, in order to help you make the right and best choice.

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