Senior Flex vs Regular Flex for Seniors

Becoming a professional golfer requires the proper practice of golf shots. A proper flex shaft is one of the most important things that a golfer needs to focus on. Good shafting provides power and strength to the ball in order to reach the desired goal. There are multiple types of flex in a golf shaft that vary in the flexibility to propel the ball.

So, if you are a beginner and want to know which golf shaft is better, Senior Flex Vs Regular Flex for seniors debate will settle your thoughts. In this article, I will tell you the details regarding senior flex vs regular flex so that you can bend the shaft accordingly.

Read the article carefully to know the differences between these flex shafts in order to choose the one that suits you best.

Senior Flex vs Regular Flex for Seniors – Detailed Guide

Senior Flex vs Regular Flex for Seniors
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The flex shaft of the golf club is basically the motor of the shaft that requires proper bending in order to make the required shot. Before the golfers choose to pick up the swing speed (Clubhead) it is important that they choose the right flex of the shaft. Choosing the right flex of the gold shaft will speed up the ball in order to cover the required distance.

This shows that the clubhead is equally important in comparison to the flex of the shaft. A good shaft flex also maximizes the distance of your shot and promotes accuracy. Sometimes people face a lot of difficulties while swinging a shaft. In order to improve your game, it is very important that the player should make use of different flexes in the golf.

There are a variety of flexes in golf that the player can choose to play and the best ones are senior flex and regular flex. Both of these flexes are quite the best to use as it improves the swinging efficiency and results in better gaming. Choosing the appropriate shaft flex also depends upon the player’s swinging level.

If the players have the ability to swing in between 75 to 90 mph then they can use senior flex while regular flex shafts are designed for people who can easily swing in between 90 to 100 mph.

Choosing the right shaft of course requires proper search and guidance. Continue reading this article in order to select the shaft that is similar to your swing speed, which will result in better performance and experience.

Clubhead Speed

Before we jump to the conclusion about which flex shaft is more appropriate to use then it is important to note the differences between senior flex and regular flex. It is the misconception that senior flex means that only aged or professional golfers prefer senior flex while beginners prefer regular flex. The senior flex and regular flex do not mean the age limit rather it means the swing speed of the player.

Clubhead or swing speed is one of the most important decisions a golfer can make. The players need to investigate which flex shaft is more suitable for them to use. Also, it is important that players can take guidance from the golf instructor. The speed and smoothness of the swing matter a lot when it comes to better performance.

A heavier flex shaft results in a faster swing speed and a light flex shaft results in a minimal swing speed. It is better that the player identifies the golf shaft flex with suitable swing speed then you can continue to use that flex shaft in all other clubs. Well, there are some charts available through which you can choose the right shaft flex to use in the golf club.

Does Shaft Flex Impact Your Performance?

How much does the shaft flex impact your performance? This question is mostly asked and inquired by golfers in order to make the right choice of shaft flex.

Basically, there are 4 main factors that need to be determined including, golf ball speed, path, golf club head speed, and launch. In order to make it more clearer I will discuss each of these individually. Let’s dive into the details.

5 Main Factors that Impact Shaft Flex Performance

Factors that Impact Shaft Flex Performance
Factors that Impact Shaft Flex Performance

1. Golf Club Head Speed

Golf club head speed is one of the most important things that directly affect the player’s performance. The speed of the shaft flex depends upon the weight of the shaft. When the shaft is heavier, maximum speed is produced by the shaft and when the shaft is lighter in weight then the speed produced will be smooth and slow.

Most of the time the heavier shaft is easier to control and use because it results in better performance as it has a great impact on your performance too.

2. Golf Ball Speed

A flexible shaft results in suitable golf ball speed. Golf ball speed is the rapid ball speed for a persistent launch. Senior golfer’s shaft flex is best to use as it provides the rapid swing speed for an appropriate ball launching. Suitable golf club head speed results in good golf ball speed, which in turn influences the performance of the golfer accordingly.

3. Launch

Better flex results in appropriate golf ball launching. When the player uses the stiff shaft then the speed of the ball is slow, which results in moderate launching. While in a flexible shaft, the speed is higher, which means the appropriate launching of the ball. So, the player needs to make sure that which shaft flexes results in better ball launching.

4. Kick Point

Another thing that impacts the performance of the golfer is the kick point. In order to increase apex on all shots it is important that the player uses low kick points.

A low kick point produces a higher launch while a high kick point produces a lower shaft, so the player needs to check the distance and then use the appropriate kick point accordingly.

5. Club Path

The club path directs the target line of the moving ball. The right club path means that the ball is moving to the right target i.e. in-to-out, the left club path means the negative value in which the ball is moving towards the left target i.e. out-to-in, while the zero-club path means the straight hit.

The heavier shaft flex promotes an inside-out club path while the light and flexible shaft flex promote an outside-in club path.

Senior Flex OR Regular Flex: How to Choose the Right Shaft?

Well, in order to get the right swing, it is important to identify the correct shaft between senior flex and regular flex. Following are the things that you need to keep in your mind for choosing the correct shaft for your swing;

Senior Flex OR Regular Flex - How to Choose the Right Shaft
Guide to Choose the Right Shaft

1. Swing Speed

The first thing while choosing the right shaft is the swing speed. The swing speed of a senior shaft flex is between 72-83 mph while that of a regular shaft is 84-96 mph. So, players should always choose the shaft that encourages better velocity.

2. Suitable Shaft

The second thing to consider while choosing the suitable shaft is your launch angle. A flexible shaft works for golfers who want a higher launch while a stiffer shaft provides little spin.

3. Weight of Shaft

The weighty shaft provides an inside-to-out swing path, which improves the accuracy of your swing.

Now, keeping in mind all the points will help you choose the right shaft. Well, to make your selection easier and clear I will discuss each of the shaft flex separately.

Regular Flex: All you need to know about it

A regular flex is the golf shaft made up of steel or graphite where both have their own characteristics. The steel or graphite regular flex varies in length, shot, and swing speed.

The expected launch of the regular flex is the mid-launch, which covers plenty of distance. Each golfer has a unique and different characteristic, which of course decides whether you are fit for regular flex or not.

The swing speed of the regular flex is roughly between 84-100 mph, which results in a faster swing speed. The regular flex covers a distance of about 200 to 240 yards.

Players that use regular flex have a mid-launch, which helps the player to have better control and cover the distance. The shot shape of regular flex includes hooks, hit fades, and slices.

Senior Flex: All you need to know about it

A senior flex shaft of the golf club is more commonly used as it is a flexible shaft that is designed to provide higher launching. This shaft flex allows the player to provide less strength, which in-turns results in lower swing speed as compared to the stiff shaft.

The senior flex is not only used by the senior golfers rather other players can also use it. The swinging speed of the senior flex is between 70-90 mph, which is best suitable for both men and women.

The distance covered by the senior flex is about 200 yards, which results in better goal shots. The launch of the senior flex is a little longer and higher.

Comparison of Regular Flex vs Senior Flex

Well, the senior and regular flex differ in flexibility, which influences the swing speed. To get a higher launch and faster speed one should prefer senior flex.

1. Flexibility

The senior shaft flex provides greater flexibility as compared to the regular shaft flex. Regular shaft flexes are available in graphite and steel but are stiffer than senior flex.

2. Weight of Regular Flex vs Senior Flex

To compare the weight, then senior flex is lighter in weight while the regular flex is heavier in weight. The lightweight senior flex provides higher swing speed and excess spin. While regular shaft flexes are heavier and provide slower swing.

3. Launch Angle

The launch angle of senior flex provides a high launch in order to cover the optimal distance while regular flex delivers mid-launch.

So, after comparing both shaft flex we come to the conclusion that senior flex is better as compared to regular flex for seniors.

FAQs of Senior Flex vs Regular Flex

What is the percentage of golfers that break 80?

Well, about 2 percent of golfers break 80 in golf as they have the ability to perform well under pressure.

Does senior flex make a difference?

Yes, senior flex provides more flex, which makes a great difference.

Is senior flex stiffer than regular flex?

No, senior flex is flexible as compared to the regular flex.

Is there a big difference between regular and senior flex?

The senior flex is easier to use as compared to regular flex. Also, the swing speed of a senior is better than regular flex.

Is the senior case more forgiving?

Yes, senior flex is more forgiving and provides smooth swinging, which is best for aged people.

Tips for learning to break 80?

The best thing that you can do to break 80 is to improve your ball striking. Breaking 80 will also help the player hit high shots.

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope that now you can choose one swing that falls under your preferences. In my opinion, senior flex has a better swing, and good launching as it is more flexible in comparison to regular flex.

Now, you can play golf club shots more precisely by making use of the senior flex. Playing with a good shaft helps the player to cover more distance, which also increases the accuracy of the shot and results in better scoring.

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