Why Is My Swing Speed So Slow? 9 Tips To Increase Clubhead Speed

Are you an entry-level player who is struggling to improve their game? Hitting the ball with the right speed on the court can be tricky. You can suffer because of slow swing speed on the golf court. Sometimes the reasons behind this remain unidentified by most players. After playing the game for 3 years, I can identify a few reasons and they can be overcome to maximize the swing speed.

Please read my article on why my swing speed is so slow and how to increase it. A few tips are also mentioned for increasing the speed. This will eventually crank your game. You can have fun and improve your skills in a few days. I will be pleased if today’s article is helpful for you in excelling at the game as a new golf player.

Why is my swing speed so slow?

Why Is My Swing Speed So Slow
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It can be extremely challenging for players to determine why their swing speed is slow. You cannot watch yourself when playing on the golf court.

There can be multiple reasons behind slow swing speed. Some of them are mentioned below so you can identify them for the sake of improvement. I am sure you can work on them to improve your game.

6 Major Reasons of Slow Swing Speed

Understanding the causes behind a slow swing speed is crucial for golfers aiming to improve their performance. Here are six key factors that contribute to a slower swing speed.

Reasons of Slow Swing Speed
Reasons of Slow Swing Speed

1. Improper Grip

Having an improper grip can be one of the reasons why your swing speed is slower than the other players. Holding the club accurately with the right grip is essential to release it with impact.

Most players hold the golf club tightly to prevent the ball from getting struck fast. Hence, it is important to implement the 10-finger rule if you want to hold your club properly. Also read about comparison of driver grips vs iron grips.

Watch a detailed video guide about 10 Finger Golf Grip

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10 Finger Golf Grip

2. Lack of Training

Lack of training can be a reason for slow swing speed when playing golf. A certain level of speed training is important to hit the ball with maximum strength.

If you fail to complete your training sessions, you will never be able to increase the swing speed. This does not mean you must become a professional; some basics should be learned to improve the game.

3. Timing

Timing is extremely important when hitting the ball while playing golf. Bad timing can result in slow swing speed because you leave the club early. This won’t increase the swing speed and has the opposite impact. You must ensure that you hold the club properly and do not leave it early to make a good shot.

4. Fitness/Athletic Ability

It is important to look after yourself to be in your best shape when playing sports. Your low athletic ability or lack of fitness can be a reason for the swing speed being slow.

If you want to improve your game, maximize the swing speed and excel in the game, you must focus on your fitness for that. A coach or a trainer can be hired who helps you perform exercises. You may also want to know about fitted golf clubs cost.

5. Age

Age can also be a factor for slow swing speed, as you might not be in your best physical condition. Most swings are more than 100 MPH and require a lot of strength and training. This might not be possible if you have reached a specific age range where your capacity becomes limited. The only solution is to practice and maintain your stamina to maximize the swing speed.

6. Narrow Stance

As mentioned below, a wider stance is important for increasing the swing speed. A narrow stance will automatically result in a slow swing speed. You won’t be able to hit the ball with maximum strength as your body is not relaxed. A narrow stance while making a shot on the court will undoubtedly result in slow swing speed.

To overcome this problem, having a wider stance to hit the ball while your body is fully relaxed is important. The speed will be maximum as the club head will make it through the middle of your body.

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed?

You must increase your golf swing speed if you feel ready to crank your game. This is important for professionals and an amateur who wants to excel. They are hesitant because they think increasing speed will affect their swing. A few tips below can help everyone improve their game and increase golf swing speed.

9 Useful Tips to Increase Golf Swing Speed

Tips to Increase Golf Swing Speed
Tips to Increase Golf Swing Speed

I have been practicing a few of them for a long time and can surely say they are effective. Moreover, you can have fun while focusing on swinging your club.

Regular practice and these tips can increase the game and help you become a better player in a few months. Read detailed about these tips carefully and follow them to stand out on the court.

1. Adjust Grip

The first and most important thing is to adjust your grip on the golf club to increase the swing speed. It would be best to have enough grip and strength while holding the golf club. Your grip must neither be loose nor tight; it reduces efficiency and control. Your hands should always rotate towards the right while holding the club.

2. Wide Stance

Keeping a wide stance helped me increase my swing speed on the court. This can be extremely helpful as all your focus is on the golf ball. Lower your head when you plan to hit the ball with the club. This will help you stay focused on the target without getting distracted by the surroundings.

A wide stance will increase your golf swing speed as you stay stable. You will hit the ball and notice an angular velocity increase. Your feet should be at a distance of your shoulder length, and you should be stable. Although this might seem difficult, you can try at least 2 to 3 times and start doing it during the game.

3. Type of Golf Club

Using the right kind of golf club is essential for maximizing the speed during the game. You can find multiple options in the market having the latest technology. The shape and design can be really helpful for increasing the speed as they allow the club to move through the air.

Although there is some resistance, the angled ridges help you hit the ball with speed. Hence every player needs to change their golf clubs after every 2 to 3 years. They should get their hands on the latest golf clubs that use different technologies. These won’t only help you make shots but increase the swing speed.

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4. Maintaining Tempo

Making powerful swings isn’t a joke. You must maintain your tempo and stay consistent to ensure maximum swing speed when you hit the ball. This is only possible if you spend the same time completing your downswing and backswing.

The professionals and experts of the game recommend spending one-third of your backswing time on the downswing. As a result, a consistent tempo will be developed that helps you increase the swing speed.

5. Using Longer Club

If you have been playing golf, you will know that shorter golf clubs give you more control. You can control the club and hit the ball with accuracy. Unfortunately, this won’t increase the swing speed. The longer club will not give you control but increases the swing speed. The longer the club length, the less control you will have.

It will increase the speed, but there is no guarantee that the distance will be increased too. The long shaft reduces the weight from the driver’s head, which will affect the smash factor. Hence using the longer club gives you less control but increases the swing speed. Have a look at cost to reshaft irons.

6. Avoid Muscular Tension

I find this very effective for improving golf skills. All your muscles should be tension-free to increase your swinging speed. Practicing this while hitting the ball on a horizontal surface is recommended. Relaxing all your muscles by stretching your body before going to the golf court would be best.

Do not stretch your hand or arm muscles, and play naturally. Stretching the muscles sometimes can ruin the shot, and the speed decreases instead of increasing. You should rotate the forearms naturally if you want your swing speed to increase.

Watch a detailed guide for a Tension Free Golf Swing

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Tips for a tension free golf swing

7. Practice/Take lessons

As you all know that practice does make a man perfect in everything. You can practice golf to improve your game. This will help you learn how to swing the club at the right speed. You can take lessons from a professional coach who is the best in the game. A swing coach will teach you all the techniques necessary to crank your game.

You will have to practice those shots regularly to achieve perfection. All your flaws or inefficiencies will be pointed out and fixed by the coach. He can help you correct your holding position. Moreover, you can learn to hit the ball with the right power to increase the speed. Hence, practice and lessons from the coach can be helpful.

8. Exercise/Strength Training

It is extremely important to focus on your fitness if you want to increase your swing speed. As a golf player, you should strength train and exercise regularly to maintain your fitness level. This is the most logical thing to do to strengthen your muscles that indulge when swinging the club. It would be best to focus on your chest, forearms and glutes.

It is important to do relevant exercises that target the muscles mentioned above. This will help you increase the swing speed as you will have enough strength during the game. Other explosive exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, and leg and bench presses can also be done to increase your stamina. Hence focusing on your training is important to improve your speed.

9. Use of Weighted Clubs

Golf experts recommend using weighted clubs if you are willing to increase your swing speed on the court, but they should not be heavy. The use of a heavy shaft can be the biggest killer of speed. It should not exceed three pounds if you want to add weight to the club. After adding the weight, hold the club from different positions and swing for a while.

Keep on doing this for a couple of minutes to observe the results. You will notice a difference in the swing speed. Too much weight on the golf club will make it difficult to swing it. You won’t be able to get into the proper position to increase the swing speed. Hence it would be best if you increased the club’s weight slowly to increase the swing speed.

FAQs about Slow Swing Speed

How can I increase my swing speed fast?

You can increase your swing speed by using longer clubs and adding weight. You can even hire a coach to train with him to increase your swing speed. Hence this can help you increase your speed in a few days.

How do you fix a slow swing?

A slow swing can easily be fixed by consistency and maintaining a tempo. You can also focus on your physical training and equipment. Spending enough time on training and using the right kind of club can help you fix a slow swing.

How do I get the best swings?

You can get the best swings with a wide stance and a good grip on the club. Although a longer club will give you less control, but it ensures your swing speed is maximized. Moreover, you can invest in the latest equipment manufactured with new technology and design.

Concluding Slow Swing Speed Guide

A detailed article stating the reasons for slow swing speed is written above. You can identify the reasons that result in slow swings during the game. Moreover, tips for maximizing the speed are also mentioned to overcome this problem. You can use these to improve your game and have fun on the court. I hope the article has helped you identify the reasons and find tips to improve the swing speed.

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